Coco Red Events

Coco Red Events is a boutique events company that started in 2012 and is family owned and operated. We specialize in creating events with intention. Our goal is simple: incorporating the life story of our clients to create the most compelling and memorable experience of their lives. Every client wants their event to be unique and that's where we come in. We'll assist you in creating, facilitating and implementing your vision. Let us bring your dreams to life!

Personalizing a wedding or event for our clients is the most important part of what we do. The best event is created through precision to detail. As we get to know our clients, we're able to determine how to incorporate their personality into the details of their day.

Our mission is to create unforgettable events while providing our clients with exceptional customer service. Our specialty is taking your wish list and making it a reality!


Colette "Coco" Taylor

Colette is the owner and creative director for Coco Red Events. Born and raised in Atlanta, she loves creating unforgettable events in the city she loves. Prior to launching into the wedding industry, Colette produced events for a non-profit organization in Alpharetta, Georgia for 18 years. As a Certified Wedding and Event Planner, she loves the entire process of creating an individual experience for each couple, from the first consultation of dreaming what their wedding can be to the send-off at the end of their Big Day. Colette loves diving into the story of couples and discovering ways to share that story with their guests.

Colette lives in North Atlanta with her husband, Mark of 34 years. She has two beautiful daughters, Kristi and Jessica, a great son-in-law, J.R. and 4 grand-dogs.

3 Favorite Things: traveling, driving my Jeep and football

1 Thing You Don't Know About Me: When I was in the 7th grade, I wanted to be the first female fieldgoal kicker in the NFL.


Kristi Collins

Kristi has been doing events for over half her life. She has her BA in Musical Theater from Samford University. After theater, she went into retail, then coordinated events in the non-profit sector and finally found her calling in the wedding industry. Kristi has received certifications in Wedding and Event Planning and Social Media Marketing. She is also ordained by the Universal Life Church. Her favorite thing about weddings is telling the story of her clients by tailoring the event to their personalities and tastes. And, having worked retail for many years, Kristi is also passionate about providing excellent customer service for all of our clients. Kristi is always involved in something to help keep the creative juices flowing. Whether it's learning French, taking a knitting class or reading up on the newest design trends, she's able to bring new and fun ideas to the table.

Kristi lives in Decatur, Ga with her husband, J.R., and her insanely cute dogs, Jax and Toby. She'll show you pictures. You don't even have to ask.​

3 Favorite Things: my dogs, football and hot tea

1 Thing You Don't Know About Me: I absolutely love to travel and lived in London after college (where I fell in love with hot tea!).


Jessica Taylor

Jessica has grown up in the events industry with the influence and guidance of her mother and sister, Colette and Kristi. Having been in the industry almost her entire life, Jessica has a vast knowledge of how events of all types are created and executed. She has experience in everything from live theatre to large conferences to weddings to birthday parties to summer camps and everything in between. She is an event coordinator in the non-profit sector as well as a Wedding Planner with Coco Red Events. She is passionate about creating events that allow clients and guests to get lost in the moment and forget about the rest of the world for a little while. Her attention to detail and care for our clients on the day of their wedding is what makes Jessica so great at what she does. Jessica received her certification in Wedding and Event Planning from The Wedding Planning Institute.

Jessica lives in Alpharetta, Ga with her three sweet, loud and energetic dogs, Bud, Bailey and Little Bit.

3 Favorite Things: my dogs, coffee and weekly dinner with my grandparents.

1 Thing You Don’t Know About Me: I am an expert in all things Friends and Gilmore Girls.