Mark + Meredith

This was such a fun night! Meredith works for Event Rentals Unlimited (who we love!) and we were so excited that she asked us to coordinate her wedding. Not only was their wedding at one of our favorite venues, but they chose some amazing vendors. Mark and Meredith really just wanted everyone to be able to mingle, dance and have fun. So, they focused on creating a relaxed environment with really good food and music. Everyone had such a great time, including us!

Thanks to Border Union Photography for sharing these images with us! Scroll down for the rest of the super talented vendor team.

Meredith-_-Mark-5.13.2017_Hires_5 copy.jpg
Meredith-_-Mark-5.13.2017_Hires_75 copy.jpg
Meredith-_-Mark-5.13.2017_Hires_81 copy.jpg
Meredith-_-Mark-5.13.2017_Hires_83 copy.jpg
Meredith-_-Mark-5.13.2017_Hires_84 copy.jpg
Meredith-_-Mark-5.13.2017_Hires_91 copy.jpg
Meredith-_-Mark-5.13.2017_Hires_110 copy.jpg
Meredith-_-Mark-5.13.2017_Hires_112 copy.jpg
Meredith-_-Mark-5.13.2017_Hires_115 copy.jpg
Meredith-_-Mark-5.13.2017_Hires_116 copy.jpg
Meredith-_-Mark-5.13.2017_Hires_122 copy.jpg
Meredith-_-Mark-5.13.2017_Hires_126 copy.jpg
Meredith-_-Mark-5.13.2017_Hires_186 copy.jpg
Meredith-_-Mark-5.13.2017_Hires_187 copy.jpg
Meredith-_-Mark-5.13.2017_Hires_259 copy.jpg
Meredith-_-Mark-5.13.2017_Hires_306 copy.jpg
Meredith-_-Mark-5.13.2017_Hires_368 copy.jpg


Date: 5/3/17