Rudy + Annie

I feel like this post needs a little explaining before we dig in. Rudy and Annie are two of the most loving and joyful people you'll ever meet. Their wedding was really special for me for two reasons: 1) My husband, J.R., and I have known them both for many years and we were just so excited for them; 2) We were able to attend the wedding as guests, together! This never happens because he travels non-stop and I'm always working the wedding. Because of a previous commitment that week, I was unable to help plan their big day , so our other planner, Jamie stepped in and knocked it out of the park. So, this is my experience as a guest at my sweet friends' wedding.

Like I said, Rudy and Annie are two of the sweetest people and it was important to them that their wedding day wasn't entirely about them. They were very thoughtful about how they would honor their family. Rudy and Annie are both musical and worked with The A-town A-list, so they also wanted to show some love to their band family.

The wedding was held at Annie's parent's farm in Jefferson, Ga. It's an amazing property with rolling pastures, horses and gorgeous sunset views. Rudy and Annie have spent a lot of time there together, so it was the perfect location. Annie wore her grandmother's dress, which was redesigned just for her. (Read more about her dress below Image 3.) It was absolutely stunning! Her brother made the dance floor with their initials in the center. And, perhaps the sweetest moment of all, Annie and her father danced to a song he wrote for her when she was a little girl. They danced and sang together as if no one else was there. During the reception, A-town started the party and after a few songs, everyone who has ever sang and/or played with the band, jumped on stage for a song or two (including my hubs!). Rudy and Annie even joined in and sang "Remix to Ignition." It truly felt like a really fun, (crazy talented) family sing-a-long. Rudy and Annie wanted their band family to be able to dance and have fun too, so the DJ finished up the night. The whole evening was filled with so much love for Rudy and Annie, and as a guest, I felt the love right back from them. It was an incredible night and we are so very happy for them!

Thanks to Heather Wall Photography for sharing these images with us so that we could share them with you! If you'd like to see their wedding video by Rusticus Wedding Films, click here. For the rest of our incredible vendor team, scroll down.

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Date: 4.28.2017