Russell + Amber

These two looked like movie stars on the day of their wedding and Callanwolde was the perfect backdrop for their day. Everything had a classic, vintage feel with lots of pearls, rose gold and candlelight. It was absolutely beautiful, but don't let them fool you! Russell and Amber sure do know how to throw a party. Yummy, southern comfort food, a cigar and whiskey bar, and a packed dance floor made for a really fun night! A highlight of the evening was definitely Amber and her bridesmaids on the dance floor singing "Let It Go" at the top of their lungs! Congrats to the happy couple! Thanks for letting us be a part of your day.

And, thanks to Garter + Whiskey Photography for sharing these amazing images with us! Scroll down for the rest of our amazing vendor team.

DSC_0090BoozerWedding copy.jpg
DSC_0597BoozerWedding copy.jpg
DSC_0692BoozerWedding copy.jpg
DSC_0939BoozerWedding copy.jpg
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DSC_1714BoozerWedding copy.jpg
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GY5A7455BoozerWedding copy.jpg
GY5A7717BoozerWedding copy.jpg
GY5A8253BoozerWedding copy.jpg
GY5A9696BoozerWedding copy.jpg


Date: 5/6/17